Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams are set to reprise their roles for Wedding Crashers 2 for HBO Max.

The original film starred Vaughn and Wilson as Jeremy and John, divorce mediators who spent their free time crashing wedding receptions.  According to reports, the sequel to the comedy film will start filming in August in Puerto Rico, and along with Vaughn and Wilson, both actresses from the first film–Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher — will be returning.

Vaughn had previously teased the sequel back in November 2020, saying to Entertainment Tonight: “Owen and I and the director of Crashers have been talking for the first time seriously [about] a sequel to that movie. So there has been an idea that is pretty good. So we are talking about that in the early stages.” Vince said that the film was a “fun movie to make,” adding, “It’s always fun to make people laugh and go to work with people that are funny.”

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