President Joe Biden took part in an Inspection of the Guard Honor before he and first lady Jill Biden met with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle in England on Sunday.  President and Mrs. Biden joined the queen to watch a military march and traveled to her apartment for tea.

Biden said the Queen was “extremely gracious” as the two met, adding, “she was very generous. I don’t think she’d be insulted but she reminded me of my mother. In terms of the look of her and just the generosity.”  Biden said the Queen also asked him about Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he is set to meet in Switzerland following a North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Brussels, and asked him what the White House was like.  Biden told reporters: I said, this is … we could fit the White House in the courtyard,” before confirming he had invited the queen to the White House.

The White House said Biden will also meet King Philippe of Belgium and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo while in Brussels this week.  He will also hold a summit with Putin on Wednesday. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the two will discuss a range of “pressing issues, as we seek to restore predictability and stability in the U.S.-Russia relationship.”

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