President Joe Biden told state and local officials in Mississippi and Louisiana on Monday that the federal government ‘will do everything in its power to help areas impacted by Hurricane Ida to recover quickly.’

Biden met with Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves and others during a virtual briefing, saying that his administration is “there to help you get back on your feet” in the aftermath of flooding and destruction caused by the storm. Ida made landfall in Louisiana Sunday morning, with wind gusts of 172 mph at its peak. The Category 4 hurricane cut power to all of New Orleans, and the city issued a flash flood emergency. Ida also caused flooding in neighboring Mississippi.

The president said he has activated 5,000 National Guard troops to help with rescue and recovery efforts and joined local officials in urging those in affected areas to stay put in their homes for their safety until help arrives. Biden assured, “We’re doing all we can to minimize the amount of time it’s going to take to get power back up for everyone in the region. People in Louisiana and Mississippi are resilient, but it is in moments like these that we can see the power of government to meet the needs of people and respond to people, if government is prepared to respond — that is our job.”

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