Lizzo transforms into her superhero alter ego in the new music video for her latest single “Special.”

The visual, directed by Christian Breslauer, depicts Lizzo saving a little girl from being hit by a car while the scene cuts to the singer’s transformation into a superhero sporting a metallic purple suit and cape. Lizzo continuing to live a double life, waitressing by day and fighting crime by night.  Lizzo wrote about the video on social media: “the music video starts off as showing the superhero, the Black woman as superhero, and it’s like, America loves a Black woman as superhero, but absolutely hates her as a human being. The glorious superhero, you see her doing the regular life-saving, press, everyone loves her, and then she takes off her costume, it’s a Black woman and just showing the juxtaposition of how she gets treated in the real world.”

“Special” is the title track from Lizzo’s fourth studio album, Special.  Take a look at the video for “Special” – here.

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