The White House confirmed in a statement on Monday that J. Brett Blanton, Architect of the Capitol, was fired Monday after several lawmakers called for his removal. Blanton has been under fire since a November report accused him of ethics violations and improperly using government property.

Among the several allegations by the Capitol’s Office of Inspector General were that Blanton gave tours of the building while it was closed during COVID-19 protocol in 2020, and that he impersonated a police officer. Committee on House Administration chair Rep. Bryan Steil, R-Wis., said in a statement: “The Architect of the Capitol plays a key role in preserving the Capitol campus and should be focused on ensuring the institution works for Members, Committees, staff, and most importantly, the American people. The Inspector General’s report was highly concerning, which is, in part, why our first hearing was dedicated to providing oversight over the AOC. His refusal to be transparent and truthful has made clear that he can no longer lead the organization and must resign immediately.”

Despite being appointed by former President Donal Trump, the calls for Blanton’s resignation came from both parties, with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeting Monday morning: “After being given the opportunity to respond to numerous allegations of legal, ethical, and administrative violations, and failing to directly respond, the president has removed Mr. Brett Blanton from his position — a decision I firmly stand behind.”  Blanton was grilled about the report during hearings last week, where he said at the time, “I wholeheartedly reject any assertion that I have engaged in unethical behavior during my service to this country while serving in this particular role.”

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