It was announced that the two-time Super Bowl champion, Travis Kelce is about to make his Saturday Night Live debut. NBC recently announced on Thursday that Kansas City Chiefs superstar tight end Travis Kelce will host the comedy and variety show on March 4 with musical guest Kelsea Ballerini. Kelce also revealed and shared the news while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night.

“I was a huge like Chris Farley, Will Ferrell, Fallon kind of guy growing up,” Kelce said. “And I used to watch Saturday Night Live with my mother. It’s an absolute honor and a privilege to be hosting SNL on March 4th. I am so nervous for that, oh my gosh.” Fallon, an SNL alum, responded, “You are going to be so good. I was talking to SNL creator Lorne Michaels today, and I’m like, ‘He’s so charming and he can sing and he’s fun.’”

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