A man was arrested Thursday after an hours-long standoff near the U.S. Capitol during which he claimed to have an explosive device. Police have identified the suspect as 49-year-old Floyd Ray Roseberry of Grover, North Carolina, and was described as having a history of supporting former President Donald Trump, who said “all Democrats need to step down.”

The U.S. Capitol Police wrote on Twitter that the incident on Thursday prompted multiple buildings in the area to be evacuated in what was labelled an “active bomb threat investigation.”  The USCP later said in a news release that no bomb was found in Roseberry’s truck but that he did possess suspected bomb-making material.  USCP Chief Tom Manger told reporters on Thursday that authorities couldn’t yet identify a motive, said that so far there is “no indication” Roseberry was acting with others. Manger revealed that Roseberry had been live-streaming from the scene and a half-hour Facebook video showed him inside a truck, holding a canister that he said was a bomb, speaking about a “revolution.” The video and Roseberry’s Facebook profile have since been removed. On Roseberry’s now-removed Facebook page, he frequently made pro-Trump posts and posted videos from Trump’s “Million MAGA March” on November 14.

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