Adele took to social media to share a new live video of herself singing her latest song ‘To Be Loved’ from her upcoming album ’30’.

Adele, 33, posted the live video on Twitter, showing the singer sitting down in what appeared to be her living room in the clip, with just a piano playing in the background, accompanying her vocals. She wore an all black outfit and had her hair pulled back as she closed her eyes and brought the tune to life.  “To Be Loved,” she simply captioned the video that she shared to her page.

To Be Loved is one of 12 new songs featured on Adele’s new album 30, which is set to be released on Nov. 19. There are also three additional new tracks included on the Target version of the album, which comes six years after Adele’s last album, 25.

Take a look at the live performance from Adele – here.

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