HBO Max shared a teaser trailer for the new film ‘Reality’, featuring Sydney Sweeney. The film adaptation  is based on the Tina Satter play ‘Is This a Room’, which opened on Broadway in October 2021.

‘Reality’ explores the true story of Reality Winner, a former U.S. Air Force member and NSA translator who was convicted in 2018 for leaking a confidential report about Russian interference in the 2016 election, and features verbatim dialogue from a transcript of the FBI’s interrogation of Winner at her home in 2017. Josh Hamilton and Marchánt Davis play the FBI agents in charge of Winner’s questioning.

Reality is co-written by Satter and James Paul Dallas, and marks Satter’s directorial debut. The film had its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February and will premiere May 29 on HBO Max. Check out the teaser trailer for ‘Reality’ here.

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