The action-comedy film Jolt starring Kate Beckinsale is coming to Amazon Prime Video, and will begin streaming on June 23rd.  Jolt is written by Scott Wascha and directed by Tanya Wexler, and along with Beckinsale the film co-stars Bobby Cannavale, Laverne Cox, Stanley Tucci and Jai Courtney.

The new movie follows Lindy (Beckinsale), a woman who experiences sporadic murderous impulses that can only be stopped when she shocks herself with a special device. The character seeks revenge after her first love is murdered. Beckinsale told Entertainment Weekly:  “My character, Lindy, is someone who since childhood has had an impulse control problem whereby she has a very difficult time not acting out and behaving badly when under pressure. As part of her therapy, she goes on a date and really gets on with the guy, and then he’s murdered. She’s understandably upset and pissed off and tries to figure out what’s happened and gets into a lot of scraps!”

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