Nine children and one adult were killed in a multi-vehicle pileup in Alabama. A father and his 9-month-old daughter were killed in one vehicle; Cody Fox, 29, and Ariana Fox were identified as the victims in a small SUV traveling from Marion County, Tenn.

The eight other victims who died were in a bus carrying girls housed at Girls Ranch, a foster home for girls from abusive or abandonment situations. The identities of the girls were not released as many were under the care of the state, however Butler County Coroner Wayne Garlock said they ranged in age from 4-17. Girls Ranch wrote on Facebook: “Our hearts are heavy today. Our ranch has suffered great loss. As some of you may have heard, one of our ranch vehicles was involved in a multiple car accident this afternoon. Please send prayers our way as we navigate this difficult time.”  A bystander pulled the driver of the Girls Ranch bus from the vehicle but was unable to go back for the children, said Garlock, adding, “It was too late to get back to them because the bus was engulfed in fire.” Garlock said the crash was likely caused by hydroplaning due to storms on Saturday as Tropical Storm Claudette hit the area with heavy rains and strong winds.

Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond said the crash involved a total of 18 vehicles, including two 18-wheelers, and as many as five other people sustained nonfatal injuries. The crash forced both the northbound and southbound lanes of 1-65 to be closed, with parts of the interstate reopening early Sunday morning.


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